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Custom Painted Orthodox Tradition Icons

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In addition to our extensive and ever-changing selection of antique icons, we are delighted to offer our customers a new service of having reasonably priced quality Orthodox icons to be custom painted by a highly-distinguished Russian icon painter who dedicated his entire life to studying, creation, and restoration of Orthodox iconography.

A custom icon is a real collaboration with the artist, during which you can discuss the details of not only icon’s appearance, but also the nuances of its spiritual meaning. According to the word of Dionysius, "true icon - makes the invisible visible", that is, icon’s spiritual meaning is expressed through the external actions of the artist. Of course, the artist can not be alone in the face of such a daunting task. He draws support in a prayerful invocation of the Holy Spirit, the blessing of the priest to work, and prayer support of those for whom the work is performed.

Please bear in mind that a custom painted icon can be created in any size, and not only of the subjects presented here, but also to any other that is included in the canon of the Orthodox Church.

All of the custom icons are painted in the traditional Russian Orthodox style, using the materials and techniques developed by the Orthodox painters over 1000 years ago to endure test of time. A specially prepared wooden board is covered with gesso, when fully painted using all-natural egg-based tempera pigments, further embellished with pure 24-karat gold and finished with protective clear varnish. The resulting object is not only artistically stunning, but is also durable enough to survive literally hundreds of years of veneration.

By ordering a custom-painted icon, you commissioning a beautiful sacred object to be cherished and venerated not only by the present but also by future generations.



Please contact us with your request including your desired subject and size and we will get back to you with estimated time and associated costs. We can also recommend a suitable subject for practically any life event such as child birth, baptism, wedding, church gift, assistance in various illnesses and life challenges. In addition, upon request, we can have your icon to be blessed by a Russian Orthodox priest to further its spiritual significance.


bullet Biography of the Iconographer bullet

Iconographer Aleksandr Moskalionov was born in the Soviet Union in 1942, and grew up surrounded by a pious Russian Orthodox family.  Following in the footsteps of his older brothers, Archimandrite Maxim and Hierorey Peter, Aleksandr attended courses at the Moscow Religious Academy.  With the blessing of Archimandrite Alipi, Aleksandr chose the path of an iconographer.After graduating from Moscow Art School in 1971, Aleksandr joined the Moscow Patriarchate as an artist-iconographer and became a member of a group of artists that worked to restore the destroyed cathedrals of Moscow Patriarchate.  One of Aleksandr’s first projects was the interior restoration and exterior iconography of the Trinity Church located on Vorobiev Gora in Moscow.  He followed this project with the iconography of the Frontons of Dormition Cathedral of Novodevichy Monastery.

In 1973, Aleksandr started to work on his own and continued his journey of the beautification and restoration of Orthodox Churches throughout vast territory of the Soviet Union.  One of his early works was the beautification of the Church of the Glorification in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.  His main work started in the Ascension Cathedral in Novosibirsk, where, around 1976, he designed the project plan and led the beautification project of the temple of St. Aleksander Nevsky.  Additionally, at this time, he was involved in the design and beautification of the Cathedral of All Saints in Taganrog.  From 1978 to 1988, Aleksandr worked for the Cross Cathedral in Troitskoe Village near city of Rostov where he not only designed and led iconography and iconostasis projects, but also designed and erected the destroyed Bell Tower and the main Dome of the Cathedral, which included the elevation of the crosses at the completion of the project.

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In 1987, Aleksandr joined Moscow Patriarchate as an Art Director, where he led religious production for almost twenty years.  Some of his projects during this time included the project design for the emblem of the 1000 anniversary of Orthodoxy in Russia and 400 anniversary of Patriarchy in Russia.  

Church projects included the iconostasis design and iconography for the iconostasis of the Church of Saint Panteleimon in Kiev, and the exterior and interior design for the Cathedral of Seraphim of Sarov in the village Sofrino of Moscow Region. In 1992, Aleksandr traveled to Washington, D.C., and worked on the St. Nicholas Cathedral of the Orthodox Church in America, where he was responsible for the project design of iconography and iconostasis, the project director, and the head iconographer.  At this same time, Aleksandr also designed the Tomb of Saint Matrona of Moscow for Pokrov Monastery in Moscow, as well as two reliquaries for St. Nicholas Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

After retiring from his official duties at the Patriarchate in 2006, Aleksandr designed and led the project of the beautification of the Cathedral of the icon of Georgian Theotokos in Yakshino village and five row iconostasis design and iconography of the iconostasis for the Cathedral of Saint Archangel Michael in Archangelskoye village, both near Moscow.

Aleksandr was awarded the order of St. Vladimir 3rd class by the Russian givernment for his church merits and received certificates of merit from Patriarch Pimen of Moscow and All Russia, and Metropolitan Theodosius of All America and Canada.

Presently, Aleksandr Moskalionov lives in the United States and continues his journey as iconographer and designer of religious art.


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