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Theca with a second-class relics of Saint Charles Borromeo and Saint Alphonsus Maria de' Liguori

Glass-fronted brass reliquary theca decorated with twisted wire ornamentation and housing second class relics of Saint Charles Borromeo and Saint Alphonsus Maria de' Liguori. The relics are identified on a paper cedula as Ex Liveto S. Caroli Borr. / Ex sindoni S. Alph. Liquori and secured by perfectly preserved seal of red Spanish wax with a coat of arms of Italian bishop.

Saint Charles Borromeo (Italian: Carlo Borromeo, Latin: †1584) was a cardinal who was archbishop of Milan from 1564 to 1584. Among the great reformers of the troubled 16th century, Borromeo, with St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Philip Neri, and others, led the movement to combat the inroads of the Protestant Reformation. He was a leading figure during the Counter-Reformation and was responsible for significant reforms in the Catholic Church, including the founding of seminaries for the education of priests.

Saint Alphonsus Maria de' Liguori, C.Ss.R. († 1787), was an Italian Catholic bishop, spiritual writer, composer, musician, artist, poet, lawyer, scholastic philosopher, and theologian who founded the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (the Redemptorists). In 1762 he was appointed Bishop of Sant'Agata dei Goti. A prolific writer, he published nine editions of his Moral Theology in his lifetime, in addition to other devotional and ascetic works and letters. Among his best-known works are The Glories of Mary and The Way of the Cross, the latter still used in parishes during Lenten devotions. He was canonized in 1839 by Pope Gregory XVI. Pope Pius IX proclaimed him a Doctor of the Church in 1871. One of the most widely read Catholic authors, Alphonsus Liguori is the patron saint of confessors.

Additional Info

  • ID#: 45-DDCR125-5
  • Size: 28 mm x 23 mm
  • Age: ca. 1850's, Italy
  • Price: SOLD!

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