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Икона - Св. Митрофан Воронежский Чудотворец в серебряном окладе

Saint Mitrophan (Mitrofan) of Voronezh (†1703) was the first bishop of Voronezh who was reputed to have possessed miracle-working powers. When his tomb was opened 14 years after his death, Mitrophan's body was found to be incorrupt and his relics were proclaimed to have healing powers. After he was formally canonized in 1832 and Tsar Nicholas I paid a visit to his shrine, his fame increased and large numbers of pilgrims from Central Russia started flocking to his tomb in Voronezh.

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  • Размер: 9 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches (24 x 21 cm)
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  • Silver
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