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Documented theca with the first class ex ossibus relic of Saint Anthony Maria Zaccaria

Large ornate silvered metal glass-fronted reliquary theca, containing very significant first class ex ossibus (of the bone) first class relic of Saint Anthony Maria Zaccaria. The relic is titled on a paper cedula as Ex Oss. B Antonii Zaccaria. Back of the theca is secured by a perfecty preserved seal of red Spanish wax. The original autentics document is issued and signed by the Barnabite Order and dated 1897, in th eyear of his Canonization.

Saint Anthony Maria Zaccaria (Italian: Antonio Maria Zaccaria) († 1539) was an early leader of the Counter Reformation. He is a Holy Patron of the Barnabite order, Angelic Sisters of St. Paul, Laity of St. Paul, and Physicians. He was Beatified by Pope Leo XIII and Canonized on May 15, 1897 by Pope Leo XIII.

Дополнительная Информация

  • ID#: 19-DDCR125-1
  • Размер: 120 x 100 mm
  • Возраст: ca. 1897
  • Цена: $5,500

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