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Частицы Губки крестных мук, Тернового Шипа и Багряницы - реликвии Страстей Христовых

Egg-shaped silver glass-fronted theca housing relics of the Passion of Jesus Christ: Of the Holy Sponge, Of the Thorn from the Crown of Thorns and of the Purple Robe. The relics are mounted on a background of red silk and surrounded by paperolles and gilt paper ornamentation. They are identified on a paper cedula inscribed in bi-color dictus as DNJC (Our Lord Jesus Christ) / De Spongia (of [Holy] Sponge) / De Spin[a] Cor[onae] (of the Holy Thorn from the Crown of Thorns) / De Purpurae (of the Purple [Robe]). The theca is authenticated on the back with perfectly preserved red wax seal of Fr. Francesco Gaetano Incontri, Archbishop of Florence (p. 1741-1781).

Дополнительная Информация

  • ID#: 125-LCR-8
  • Размер: 5 см х 4 см
  • Возраст: середина 18 века
  • Материалы: серебро
  • Цена: ПРОДАНО!
  • Silver
  • Orthodox Cross

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