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Reliquary theca with relics of St Alexander Sauli, Apostle of Corsica

Large Baroque bronze crystal-fronted reliquary theca, containing very significant ex ossibus (of the bone) and ex cineribus (of the ashes) first-class pre-canonization relics of Saint Alexander Sauli. The relics are affixed to a gold silk background and titled on a paper cedula as Ex Oss. et Cin. B Alexand. Saulii. Ep. (From the bone and ashes of the Blessed Alexader Sauli, Bishop). Back of the theca is secured by a perfectly preserved seal of red Spanish wax with a coat of arms of Bishop Gennaro Pasca (†1855), Bishop  of Nola (1828-1855).

Saint Alexander Sauli, C.R.S.P. († 1592), was an Italian priest, who is called the "Apostle of Corsica". In 1571, he was appointed by Pius V to the ancient see of Aleria, Corsica, where he rebuilt churches, founded colleges and seminaries, and despite the depredations of corsairs, placed the Church in a flourishing condition. He was beatified by Benedict XIV in 1742, and canonized by Pope Pius X in 1904. and is a holy patron of Corsica and Barnabite seminarians.

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