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Документированный мощевик с мощами Святого Лаврентия архидиакона Римского

Fancy oval crystal-fronted silver pendant reliquary theca embellished on the outside by an intricate silver filigree decoration housing precious first-class ex ossibus (from the bone) relic of St. Gregory the Theologian. The substantial relic is affixed to a multicolored silk background decorated with gilt paperolle and silver wire ornamentation and identified on a manuscript cedula label as S. Gregori  Taum. Ep.  (St. Gregory, Theologian & Bishop). On the back, the theca is secured with a perfectly-preserved seal of red Spanish wax bearing an imprint of a coat of arms of Fr. Cristoforo Palmieri (†1739) Bishop of Sovana (Soana) (1728-1739). The relic is accompanied by an original matching authentics document issued and signed by Fr.  Palmieri in 1735. Comes in the original tooled leather silk lined case of issue. 

Saint Lawrence of Rome (Laurence in the Anglican Communion) († 258) was one of the seven deacons of the city of Rome under Pope Sixtus II who were martyred during the persecution by Emperor Valerian in 258. St Lawrence is one of the most widely venerated saints of the Roman Catholic Church. He is a holy patron of Rome, Rotterdam (Netherlands), Huesca (Spain), San Lawrenz, Gozo and Birgu (Malta), Barangay San Lorenzo San Pablo (Philippines), Canada, Sri Lanka, comedians, librarians, students, miners, tanners, chefs, roasters, poor, and firefighters. His Feast day is celebrated on August 10.

Дополнительная Информация

  • ID#: 265-RSCR-6
  • Размер: 72 x 57 mm
  • Возраст: около
  • Происхождение: около
  • Материалы: около
  • Цена: $4,500
  • Silver
  • Orthodox Cross

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