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Reliquary theca with relics of Saint Gerolamo Emiliani, Founder of the Order of Somaschi Fathers

Tear-shaped double-crystal  reliquary theca housing the first-class ex ossibus (from the bone) pre-canonization relic of Saint Gerolamo Emiliani. The relic is affixed between two panes of rock crystal and identified on a manuscript cedula label as B. Hieronymi Aemiliani F.C.R.S. (The Blessed Gerolamo Emiliani, Founder of the Order of Somaschi Fathers [Ordo Clericorum Regularium a Somascha]) The theca is secured by a perfectly preserved seal of red Spanish wax with a clear imprint of a coat of arms of the Archbishop of Milan. The theca comes in original tooled leather case of issue. 

Saint Gerolamo Emiliani (Hieronymus Emiliani) (†1537), was an Italian humanitarian, founder of the Somaschi Fathers, and saint of the Roman Catholic Church​. He was canonized by Pope Clement XIII on July 16, 1767 and in 1928 Pius Xl named him the patron of orphans and abandoned children.

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