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Antique Russian Orthodox brass Hand Censer (Katzion)

A Hand Censer (Katzion) is a liturgical implement used during the Orthodox service on certain occasions. This consists of a bowl attached to a handle with the lid attached to the bowl with a hinge. In Greek practice, particularly as observed on Mount Athos, during the portion of Vespers known as "Lord, I cry unto Thee" the ecclesiarch (sacristan) and his assistant will perform a full censing of the temple and people using hand censers. Some churches have the practice of not using the chain censer during Holy Week, even by a priest or bishop, substituting for it the hand censer as a sign of humility, repentance, and mourning over the Passion of Christ. 


Additional Info

  • ID#: 06-L-SP1
  • Size: 7 inches (18 cm tall), 9 1/2 inches (24 cm) long with extended handle.
  • Age: Late 19th century
  • Origin: Northern Russia
  • Materials: Brass with folding wooden handle
  • Price: $250
  • Orthodox Cross

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