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Russian Icon - Christ Pantocrator in gilt brass cover

Christ Pantocrator refers to a specific depiction of Christ. The most common translation of Pantocrator is "Almighty" or "All-powerful". In this understanding, Pantocrator is a compound word formed from the Greek words for "all" and the noun "strength" (κρατος). This is often understood in terms of potential power; i.e., ability to do anything, omnipotence. The iconic image of Christ Pantocrator was one of the first images of Christ developed in the Early Christian Church and remains a central icon of the Eastern Orthodox Church. In the half-length image, Christ holds the Gospels in his left hand and makes the gesture of blessing with his right.

Additional Info

  • ID#: 173-027-049-SP6-12
  • Size: 12 1/4 x 10 1/2 in (31 x 27 cm)
  • Age: ca. 1900
  • Materials: Oil on gessoed wood in gilt brass cover
  • Price: $1,200
  • Orthodox Cross