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Russian Icon - Two Orthodox Saints: St. Sergius of Radonezh & St. Natalia of Nicomedia

Venerable Sergius of Radonezh, was a spiritual leader and monastic reformer of medieval Russia. He is a founder of Sergiev-Troitsky Monastery and together with Venerable Seraphim of Sarov, he is one of the Russian Orthodox Church's most highly venerated saints.

Saint Natalia, the Martyress of Nicomedia was the wife of Saint Adrian, a member of the Herculian Guard of the Roman Emperor Galerius Maximian in the early fourth century. After becoming converts to Christianity, Adrian and Natalia were martyred at Nicomedia in Asia-Minor. In the Christian Church, Saint Natalia has a special status - she is one of the bloodless martyrs that is, a martyr who died not from the shedding of blood (torture, execution), but from inner spiritual, heart suffering. The feast day of the holy martyrs Adrian and Natalia is commemorated on August 26 (September 8). In Christian Orthodox Church, they are revered as patrons of the Holy Matrimony.

Additional Info

  • ID#: 189-1009-027-274-SP1
  • Size: 8 1/4 x 6 3/4 inches (21 x 17 cm)
  • Age: ca. 1900
  • Origin: Central Russia
  • Materials: Egg tempera on gilt, tooled, and gessoed wood
  • Price: $475
  • Orthodox Cross

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