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Russian Icon - The Virgin Mary from the The Deesis Row

In Eastern Orthodox art, the Deisis (from the Greek for "prayer" or "supplication") is a traditional iconic representation of Christ in Majesty flanked by the Virgin Mary and St. John the Baptist, and sometimes other saints and angels. Mary and John, and any other figures, are shown facing Christ with their hands raised in supplication on behalf of humanity. The presence of Mary and John, and other figures, is one of the differences with the Western Christ in Majesty, where the Four Evangelists and/or their symbols are more commonly included around Christ. This icon, most likely, came from a private home's abridged iconostasis that consisted either of three (abridged row) or eleven (complete row) icons.

Additional Info

  • ID#: 287-045-076-SP1
  • Size: 13 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches (34 x 29 cm)
  • Age: ca. 1880
  • Origin: Provincial Russia
  • Materials: Egg tempera and silvering on gessoed wood
  • Price: $950
  • Orthodox Cross
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