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Documented theca with relics of St Blais (Blase), Bishop of Sebastia, Patron Saint of Animals

Oval silver crystal-fronted theca housing relic of St. Blais, Martyr. The relic is  affixed to a red silk background, surrounded by twisted wire and titled on a paper cedula label as S. Blasii Ep. M. (Saint Blais, Bishop, Martyr). On the back, the theca is secured by a seal of red wax with imprint of a coat of arms of Fr. Silvester Merani († 1764), Titular Archbishop of Porphyrion and Vicar General of the Vatican Curia. The original 18th century theca is housed in a custom silver pendant with back cap inscribed with owner's initials "S.R." The theca is accompanied by the original matching authentics document issued and hand signed by Fr. Merani in 1754, 

Saint Blaise, also known as Saint Blase, was a physician, and Bishop of Sebastea in historical Armenia. According to the Acta Sanctorum, he was martyred by being beaten, attacked with iron combs, and beheaded. He is the patron saint of wool combers. In the Latin Church his feast falls on 3 February, in the Eastern Churches on 11 February. Patron of Animals, builders, choking, veterinarians, throats, infants, Maratea, Italy, Sicily, Dalmatia, Dubrovnik, Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, Rubiera, stonecutters, carvers, and wool workers.

Additional Info

  • ID#: 130-RSCR-65
  • Age: ca. 1757
  • Materials: silver
  • Price: SOLD!
  • Silver
  • Orthodox Cross