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Pair of documented reliquary thecae with relics of Martyrs - St. Telianus (Teilo) and St. Egei

Two identical oval glass-fronted brass reliquary thecae housing substantial first-class ex ossibus relics of Saint Martyrs Telianus and EgeiThe relics are affixed to red silk background and identified on an arch-shaped manuscript cedula as S. Teliani M. and S. Egei M.. On the back, the thecas are secured with perfectly preserved seal of red Spanish wax bearing an imprint of a coat of arms of Tiberio Borghese (†1792), Archbishop of Siena (1772-1792). They are accompanied by a single original matching authentics document issued by Fr. Borghese in 1786. 

Additional Info

  • ID#: 171-RSCR-2
  • Size: 32 x 27 mm
  • Age: ca. 1786
  • Origin: Siena, Italy
  • Materials: brass
  • Price: $1,350
  • Orthodox Cross

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