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Documented theca with relics of St Margaret of Cortona, T.O.S.F., Patron Saint of Tertiaries

18th century small oval glass-fronted silver reliquary theca housing relic of Saint Margaret of Cortona, T.O.S.F.,The relic is affixed to silk background decorated with silver cord and identified on a manuscript cedulae as S. Marg. CortOn the back, the theca is secured with perfectly preserved seal of red Spanish wax bearing an imprint of a coat of arms of Fr. Gregorio Alessandri (†), Bishop of Cortona (1773-1802). It is accompanied by original matching authentics document issued by Fr. Alessandri in 1786. 

Saint Margaret of Cortona, T.O.S.F., (†1297) was an Italian penitent of the Third Order of St. Francis who was canonized in 1728. She is the patron saint of the falsely accused, hoboes, homeless, insane, orphaned, mentally ill, midwives, penitents, single mothers, reformed prostitutes, stepchildren, and tramps.

Additional Info

  • ID#: 169-RSCR-25
  • Size: 26 x 21 mm
  • Age: ca. 1786
  • Origin: Cortona, Italy
  • Materials: silver
  • Price: $2,250
  • Silver
  • Orthodox Cross

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