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1993 Vatican documented reliquary theca with relics of St. Pope Hormisdas and St. Pope John I

Round yellow-metal glass-fronted reliquary theca housing first-class ex ossibus  (of the bone) relics of St. Pope Hormisdas and St. Pope John I. The relics are affixed to a red silk ground and identified in Latin on typeset cedulae labels as S. Hormisdae P.C. / S. Joan I. P.M.  (St. Hormisdae Pope and Confessor / St. John I, Pope & Martyr).  On the back, under a protective cap, the theca is secured with a seal of red Spanish wax bearing an imprint of a coat of arms of Monsignor Camillo Ruini in the capacity of the Vicar General of Rome. The relic is accompanied by an original matching authentics document issued and sealed in 1993 by Fr. Ruini. 

Saint Pope Hormisdas (†523) was the bishop of Rome from 20 July 514 to his death. His papacy was dominated by the Acacian schism, started in 484 by Acacius of Constantinople's efforts to placate the Monophysites. His efforts to resolve this schism were successful, and the reunion between Constantinople and Rome was ratified in the cathedral of Constantinople before a large crowd. Saint Pope Hormisdas was canonized Pre-Congregation and his feast day is celebrated on August 6.

Saint Pope John I (†526) was the bishop of Rome from 13 August 523 to his death. He was sent on a diplomatic mission to Constantinople by the Ostrogoth King Theoderic to negotiate better treatment for Arians. Although John was relatively successful, upon his return to Ravenna, Theoderic had him imprisoned for allegedly conspiring with Constantinople. The frail pope died of neglect and ill-treatment. Saint Pope John I was canonized Pre-Congregation and his feast day is celebrated on 18 May.

Additional Info

  • ID#: 10-RSGS
  • Size: 32 mm across
  • Age: ca. 1993
  • Origin: Vatican
  • Materials: Brass, glass, silk, Spanish wax
  • Price: $700
  • Orthodox Cross

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