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1994 Vatican documented reliquary with relics of St. Andrea Corsini & St. Angelus of Jerusalem, Martyr

Round yellow-metal glass-fronted reliquary theca housing the first-class ex ossibus  (of the bone) relic of St. Andrea Corsini and St. Angelus of Jerusalem, MartyrThe relics are affixed to a red silk ground and identified in Latin on a typeset cedulae labels as S. Andreae Cor. EC / S. Angeli Carm. M. (St. Andrea Corsini, Bishop & Confessor and St. Angelus Carmelite, Martyr) On the back, under a protective cap, the theca is secured with a seal of red Spanish wax bearing an imprint of a coat of arms of Cardinal Camillo Ruini, Vicar General of Rome (1991- 2008). The relic is accompanied by the original matching authentics document issued in 1994 by Monsignor Ruini. 

St. Andrea Corsini (†1373) was an Italian Catholic prelate and professed member from the Carmelites who served as the Bishop of Fiesole from 1349 until his death. Corsini led a wild and dissolute life until a rebuke from his mother moved him to go to the Santa Maria del Carmine church where he resolved to join the Carmelites as a priest and friar. He exercised various roles in the order, until reluctantly he accepted his episcopal position. In order to accept that position, he imposed greater mortifications upon himself than that required by the order, and dedicated himself to the plight of the poor. Devotion to the late bishop became so profound after his death that miracles were reported at his tomb. The longstanding and popular devotion to Corsini led to Pope Eugene IV confirming his beatification on 21 April 1440 and Pope Urban VIII canonizing him as a saint on 22 April 1629.

Saint Angelus of Jerusalem (†1220) was a Catholic convert from Judaism and a professed priest of the Carmelites. He and his twin brother were converted to the faith once their mother did so while both became ordainedpriests and Carmelite friars. But, unlike his brother he retreated into the desert to a hermitage after his ordination. He emerged once he was instructed to go to the Italian mainland to evangelize as well as to meet with Pope Honorius III to have him approve a new rule for the Carmelites.​ He was slain whilst preaching and was believed a saint after his death. The Carmelites venerated him as such until Pope Pius II beatified the slain priest during his pontificate circa 1459.

Additional Info

  • ID#: 80-RSGSR
  • Size: 32 mm across
  • Age: ca. 1994
  • Origin: Vatican
  • Materials: metal, glass, silk, wax
  • Price: $67520% off$540
  • Orthodox Cross
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