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Documented theca with relics of St. Virginia Centurione Bracelli

Small round glass-fronted white-metal reliquary theca housing the second-class ex veste  (of the clothing) pre-canonization relic of St. Virginia Centurione Bracelli. The relic is affixed to a red silk ground and identified on a typeset cedula label as B. Virg. C. Bracelli (Blessed Virginia Centurione Bracelli).  On the back, under the protective cap, the theca is secured with a seal of red Spanish wax bearing an imprint of a coat of arms of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, commonly known as the Redemptorists. The relic is accompanied by the original matching authentics document issued and signed by the Pro-Postulator General responsible for the cause of beatification and canonization. It comes in the original case of deep-blue Damascene silk with a roundel depicting a portrait of the Saint. 

St. Virginia Centurione Bracelli (†1651) was a daughter of the Doge of Genoa who is venerated as a saint in the Catholic Church. She had a short marriage due to being widowed in 1607. After her husband's death, she began charitable works and assisted the poor and the sick. To help alleviate the poverty in her town she founded the "Cento Signore della Misericordia Protettrici dei Poveri di Gesù Cristo". The center was soon overrun with people suffering from the famine and plague of 1629–30 and soon, she had to rent the Monte Calvario convent to accommodate all the people that came in. Around 1635 the center cared for over 300 patients and received recognition as a hospital from the government. Due to declining funds given from the middle and upper classes, the institute lost its government recognition in 1647. Bracelli spent the remainder of her life acting as a peacemaker between noble houses and continuing her work for the poor. Bracelli was beatified on 22 September 1985 and was later canonized on 18 May 2003.

Additional Info

  • ID#: 112-RSGSR
  • Size: theca 20 mm across
  • Age: ca. pre 2003
  • Origin: Rome, Italy
  • Materials: metal, glass, silk, Spanish wax
  • Price: $675

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