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Important reliquary with relic of Saint Honestus, Martyr

Oval glass-fronted parcel gilt wood reliquary housing historically important bone relic of Saint Honestus, martyr. The relic, over 145 mm in length,  is affixed to the background of red silk and titled on an intricately cut cedula as S. Honesti Mar[tirus].

Saint Honestus (Spanish: San Honesto, French: Saint Honest) known as "Apostle to Navarre and the Basque Country" was, according to Christian tradition, a disciple of Saturninus of Toulouse and a native of Nîmes. Saturninus and Honestus evangelized in Spain, and Honestus was martyred at Pampeluna around 270 AD during the persecutions of Aurelian.

Additional Info

  • ID#: 95-RSCR-55
  • Size: 22 cm x 17 cm (9 x 7 in)
  • Age: ca. 18th century
  • Price: SOLD!
  • Orthodox Cross

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