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Documented theca with relic of Saint Barbara Great Martyr Virgin

Round glass-fronted silver theca housing first-class ex ossibus (from the bone)  relic of Saint Barbara accompanied by matching authentics document issued in 1954 by cardinal Clemente Micara (†1965) in a capacity of Vicar General of Rome.

 Saint Barbara, known in the Eastern Orthodox Church as the Great Martyr Barbara, was an early Christian saint and martyr who is venerated as one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. Accounts place her in the 3rd century in Nicomedia, present-day Turkey or in Heliopolis of Phoenicia, present-day Baalbek, Lebanon. She is a holy patron of Armourers, Architects, Artillerymen, Firemen, Mathematicians, Miners, and Prisoners.

Additional Info

  • ID#: 08-OHR-75
  • Size: 33 mm in diameter
  • Age: ca. 1954
  • Materials: silver
  • Price: SOLD!
  • Silver