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Important documented theca with first class ex ossibus relic of Saint Alexander Sauli

Large ornate silvered metal glass-fronted reliquary theca, containing very significant ex ossibus (of the bone) first-class relic of Saint Alexander Sauli. The relic is titled on a paper cedula as Ex Oss. Ciner et Vestibus B Alex Saulii. Back of the theca is secured by a perfectly preserved seal of red Spanish wax with a coat of arms of Luigi Fransoni († 1862) Archbishop of Turin (1832-1862). The theca is housed in original tooled leather brown velvet lined case and the original authentics document dated 1834.

Saint Alexander Sauli, C.R.S.P. († 1592), was an Italian priest, who is called the "Apostle of Corsica". In 1571, he was appointed by Pius V to the ancient see of Aleria, Corsica, where he rebuilt churches, founded colleges and seminaries, and despite the depredations of corsairs, placed the Church in a flourishing condition. He is a holy patron of Corsica and Barnabite seminarians.

Additional Info

  • ID#: 21-DDCR125-1 *
  • Size: 135 x 120 mm
  • Age: ca. 1834, Italy
  • Price: $4,500


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