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Reliquary frame with large relics of 3 Martyrs - St Placidus, St Clarus, & St Cesarius

Large glass-fronted shadowbox reliquary frame housing very large and historically important ex ossibus (of the bone) relics of three Martyr saints: Saint Placidus of Messina, Saint Clarus the Hermit, and Saint Cesarius of Africa. The relics - substantial identifiable parts of the bones - are affixed vertically on a flowered silk background and surrounded by opulent golden paperole ornamentation. They are identified on hand written cedula labels affixed across of each relic. The front glass is secured on four courners with seals of red wax with an imprint of a coat of arms of a Catholic bishop. Suitable for veneration at a large public facility.

Saint Placidus (Placates)​ Abbot of Messina​, venerated as Christian martyr, was martyred with thirty companions ​b​y pirates at Messina​. ​The feast day of the martyr saints was not in the Tridentine Calendar, but was included in the General Roman Calendar from its 1588 to 1962 editions for celebration on 5 October​.

Saint ​Clarus ​(Clair) was an Englishman of noble extraction, ​who ​was ordained priest who settled and lived as a hermit in the county of Vexin in France. He often preached the truths of salvation to the inhabitants, and died a martyr of chastity, being murdered by two ruffians, employed by an impious and lewd lady of quality, about the year 894. He is named in the Roman and Gallican Martyrologies, and honored with singular veneration in the diocess of Rouen, Beauvais, and Paris. The village where he suffered martyrdom, situate upon the river Epte bears his name, and is become a considerable town by the devotion of the people to this saint. His rich shrine is resorted to by crowds of pilgrims, who also visit a hermitage which stands upon the spot which was watered with his blood near the town. 
Saint Caesarius of Africa, also Caesarius of Terracina was a Christian Martyr during the reign of Diocletian who denounced the pagan custom of having one youth per year immolate himself to the demons by jumping off a cliff in honour of the god Apollo. The priest of Apollo had him arrested and taken before the governor. He was sentenced to be sewn into a sack and thrown into the sea. The relics of the Saint Caesarius deacon and martyr are preserved in the Basilica Santa Croce in Gerusalemme in Rome (basalt urn of high altar), in the Basilica of San Frediano of Lucca, Tuscany (urn with six bones), and in Terracina Cathedral (urn with two shins and a reliquary arm). He is a Patron Saint of Roman emperors, invoked against drowning, flooding, and for the good success of Caesarean section. His feast is commemorated on November 1.

Additional Info

  • ID#: 94-RSCR-12
  • Size: 18 1/2 x 15 1/2 in (47 x 39 cm)
  • Age: ca. 18th century, Italy
  • Price: Price upon request
  • Orthodox Cross


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