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Reliquary theca with relics of St. Robert Bellarmine S.J., Cardinal & Doctor of the Church

Oval glass-fronted metal reliquary theca housing first-class pre-canonization relic of Saint Robert Bellarmine. The relic is centered on a red silk background and identified on a typographic cedula label as B. Roberti Card. Bell. (the Blessed Robert Bellarmine, Cardinal). On the back, under a protective cap, the theca is secured by a perfectly preserved seal of red Spanish wax with a clear imprint of a coat of arms of the Order of Jesuits. 

Saint Robert Bellarmine, S.J. (†1621) was an Italian Jesuit and a Cardinal of the Catholic Church who was one of the most important figures in the Counter-Reformation. He was a rector of the Roman College and the Archbishop of Capua. He was canonized by Pope Pius XI in 1930; the following year he was declared a Doctor of the Church. His remains, in a cardinal's red robes, are displayed behind glass under a side altar in the Church of Saint Ignatius, the chapel of the Roman College, next to the body of his student, St. Aloysius Gonzaga, as he himself had wished. In the General Roman Calendar Saint Robert Bellarmine's feast day is on 17 September and he is a Holy Patron of Bellarmine University; Bellarmine Preparatory School; Fairfield University; Bellarmine College Preparatory; canonists; canon lawyers; catechists; catechumens; and Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Additional Info

  • ID#: 16-RSMISC-25
  • Size: 31 x 26 mm
  • Age: ca. 1900
  • Origin: Italy
  • Price: SOLD!