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Reliquary theca with relics of Saint Charles Borromeo, Patron of Bishops & Spiritual Leaders

Oval glass-fronted brass theca housing the first-class relic of Saint Charles Borromeo. The relic is affixed to a red silk background surrounded by silver wire ornamentation and identified on a manuscript cedula label as Caroli Bor (St. Charles Borromeo).  On the back,  under a protective cap, the theca is secured by a seal of red Spanish wax with an imprint of a coat of arms of an unidentified Roman Catholic Bishop.

Saint Charles Borromeo (Italian: Caroli Borromeo, Latin: †1584) was a cardinal who was archbishop of Milan from 1564 to 1584. Among the great reformers of the troubled 16th-century, Borromeo, with St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Philip Neri, and others, led the movement to combat the inroads of the Protestant Reformation. He was a leading figure during the Counter-Reformation and was responsible for significant reforms in the Catholic Church, including the founding of seminaries for the education of priests. He is a holy patron of apple orchards; bishops; catechists; catechumens; cardinals; seminarians; spiritual directors; spiritual leaders; Lombardy, Italy; and Monterey California; and sought to assist in intestinal disorders; against ulcers; colic; and stomach diseases.

Additional Info

  • ID#: 30-RSCR40-11
  • Size: 29 x 27 mm
  • Age: ca. 19th century
  • Origin: Italy
  • Materials: brass, glass
  • Price: $60020% off$480

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