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Vatican Reliquary theca with relics of Martyr Pope Saint Clement of Rome, Patron of metalworkers and blacksmiths

Round white-metal glass-fronted reliquary theca housing first-class ex ossibus  (of the bone) relics of Saint Clement of Rome. The relic is affixed to a red silk ground and identified in Latin on a typeset cedula label as S. Clementis, M. (Saint Clement, Martyr).  On the back, under a protective cap, the theca is secured with a seal of red Spanish wax bearing an imprint of a coat of arms of Monsignor Ugo Poletti (†1997), Cardinal Vicar General of Rome (1973–1991) and dated 1990. 

Saint Clement of Rome (†99), also known as Pope Clement I, was Bishop of Rome (p. 88-99) have been consecrated by Saint Peter, is considered to be the first Apostolic Father of the Church and a leading member of the church in Rome in the late 1st century. He was imprisoned under Emperor Trajan; during this time he is recorded to have led a ministry among fellow prisoners. He was executed by being tied to an anchor and thrown into the sea. Clement is recognized as a saint in many Christian churches and is considered a patron saint of mariners, stone-cutters, metalworkers, and blacksmiths. He is commemorated on 23 November in the Catholic Church and 24 November in Orthodox Christianity.

Additional Info

  • ID#: 549-RSGSR
  • Size: 32 mm across
  • Age: ca. 1990s
  • Origin: Vatican
  • Materials: Metal, glass, silk, Spanish wax
  • Price: SOLD!
  • Orthodox Cross

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