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Theca with relics of Saint Felicity of Rome, Martyr

Oval glass-fronted gilt brass reliquary theca housing substantial first class ex ossibus (of the bone) relic of Saint Felicity of Rome. The relic is affixed on a background of red silk and identified on a paper typographic cedula as S. Felicita M. The reliquary is secured by a seal of red Spanish wax with coat of arms of Italian Archbishop.

Saint Felicity of Rome († c. 165), is a saint numbered among the Christian martyrs. Apart from her name, the only thing known for certain about this martyr is that she was buried in the Cemetery of Maximus, on the Via Salaria on a 23 November. However, a legend presents her as the mother of the seven martyrs whose feast is celebrated on 10 July. She is a holy patron of of parents who have lost a child in death; martyrs; sterility; to have male children; and widows.

Additional Info

  • ID#: 109-DDCR125-50
  • Size: 40 x 27 mm
  • Age: ca. 19th century, Italy
  • Price: $425